self-care mega-list!


i’d like to start compiling a master list of various forms of self-care you guise engage in! i’m going to start the post with the list i included in an ask i answered earlier tonight, and i’d love it if you any of re-blogged this (as a text post so you can see everything~) and added self-care activities of your own. then we can all use this post as a reference when we’re in need of self-care inspiration! here’s mine —

  • take a long, hot shower where you spend just as much time just feeling the warmth of the water as you do actually washing your hair
  • take a bath and watch a feel-good movie on netflix while you soak~ maybe even throw in a mug of tea or a beer! not literally into the bathtub, but into the situation :P
  • clean a small portion of your living space that you’ve been meaning to while dancing around to music that makes you smile
  • take a long walk while listening to an interesting podcast (snap judgment!) or music that soothes you
  • knit or craft something if you enjoy that and have the materials
  • start writing in a journal and don’t stop for ten minutes : don’t plan, just write and write and see what comes out
  • take a nap all snuggly wrapped in warm blankets 
  • paint your nails, deep condition your hair, or just do something that makes you feel attractive and good
  • smoke a bowl and watch something really fun and light, like adventure time
  • cook something for yourself or friends
  • dance around in your underwear ‘til your heart is racing and you’re exhausted and fulfilled
  • watch a movie with all the works — lights turned down low, popcorn, and snuggly blankets
  • learn some music you love and sing it with your whole heart
  • cry if you need to and cry until you don’t need to
  • write down things you like about yourself; if you want, cut up the list into bits and tuck each affirmation into a pair of your socks so you’ll have something to feel good about every time you get dressed!
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